Offers Seamless Migration Path to Future 16-Core Processors from Intel

Tempe, Ariz. [10 November, 2015] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced the successful demonstration of high-performance HEVC video transcoding using the 8-core offerings in the Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family. Using software from Vanguard Video, a member of the Artesyn ISV ecosystem, engineers demonstrated minimal difference between the Intel Xeon processor D-1500 product family and the previous generation for demanding video transcode applications. This opens the door to high performance processing with lower power today and a migration path to future 16-core offerings from Intel.

The demonstration ran on an Artesyn SharpServer™ card integrated into the company’s MaxCore™ carrier cloud platform, which enables providers of networking equipment, and communications and cloud services to create NFV/SDN appliances quickly and easily using industry-standard hardware and software building blocks. The Artesyn MaxCore platform can hold up to 14 PCIe add-on cards featuring dual Intel Xeon processors D-1541 plus a 100G network interface card that supports load balancing across these processors. This means the MaxCore platform offers an unrivaled density for encoding with up to 28 encoding units in a 3U open standard platform, compared to a typical 2U server with either a single or dual encoding unit.

“The Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family enables a dramatic increase in HEVC transcode density and is ideal for cloud-based installations,” said Irena Terterov, CEO, Vanguard Video. “Vanguard, Artesyn, and Intel demonstrate that the wave of demand for HEVC video can be met with high performance technologies which already exist today.”

“Artesyn’s demonstration shows that network operator, telecommunications companies, OTT service providers and broadcasters can save money on their provision of H.265/HEVC equipment today while reducing power consumption and total operating costs,” said Linsey Miller, vice president of marketing, Artesyn Embedded Technologies. “The Artesyn MaxCore system density today offers 240 cores in a 3U system, while keeping power consumption below 150W per card and the Intel® products will soon deliver a density of up to 480 cores per 3U system.”

“The Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family offers intelligent new solutions for infrastructure optimization with performance and cost-reducing features plus application compatibility and software consistency,” said said Dan Rodriguez, general manager, Communications Infrastructure Division, Intel Corporation. “The integrated system-on-a-chip technology extends power to the network edge and efficiently processes lightweight hyperscale workloads. The demonstration by Artesyn and Vanguard underlines the possibilities of this processor family for video transcoding today and in the future.”

To learn more, download the Artesyn solution brief that describes the demonstration in more detail.

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