ETSI these days is very busy defining the standards that will form the upcoming 5th generation of wireless communications. Multi-access edge computing (MEC), one of the new concepts to lower latency and bring new capabilities to the edge, has shown to be useful not only in 5G architectures but also promises to add new functionality to existing networks, and that includes fixed line networks as well!

Having been a supporter and supplier to the wireless infrastructure markets for more than 20 years, Artesyn is of course participating in this endeavor. We are working on solutions to support the new and upcoming standards in order to help communications operators deploy better, easier and more powerful solutions in their network, while transitioning to the new architecture introduced with the new standard.

Recently Artesyn provided content for two interesting whitepapers that are certainly worth the read if you are involved in creating or upgrading networked infrastructure, as MEC will significantly change the way networks operate.

If you find this interesting, please get in touch to discuss your plans, views, and how Artesyn can help you successfully move to the next level.