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Virtual hosted equipment or virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) offers the ability to resolve many of the issues associated with traditional, fixed-function appliances. ‘Positive Disruption’ occurs when network edge platforms replace dedicated appliances and set-top boxes with virtual hosted equipment. Virtual equipment increases the opportunity to quickly deploy alternative services to end users. Virtualized CPE increases the agility of networks, enabling them to respond to changing needs more rapidly while reducing the costs of adding new functions at the edge.

Clavister’s virtual security implementation is one of many offerings which can be provided by communications service providers (CSPs). The Clavister Virtual Security Gateway offers an incredible increase in performance over previous virtual security instances, enabling as many as 7700 virtual security gateways in a single 3U system when deployed on the innovative Artesyn MaxCore™ family of platforms. The system provides a total throughput of up to 8.4Gbps when processing large packets. It can protect a wide array of vCPE functions but can also be a security-as-a-service offering. This SaaS offering can include virtual firewalls, with up to 400Gbps performance in the same 3U system, and dynamic access controllers, enabling businesses to securely interact with their customers or securely access internet functions.

The MaxCore platform is the ideal environment for virtualized security and virtual hosted equipment as well as other virtualized applications. Use of low power Intel® processors in the Artesyn system dramatically reduces power consumption while maintaining high core count. To see the Artesyn MaxCore platform visit us at MWC2017 in 2E2MR or download the new Clavister Security Solutions Brief at https://www.artesyn.com/computing/solutions/dpi-and-security

Dan Leih, Artesyn

Dan Leih

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