Dan Leih, Product Manager

The cloud and the resulting infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings from major cloud players completely disrupts the old “buy equipment and build a central office/data center” model. Telecom open compute initiatives such as CG-OpenRack-19 take that trend into the heart of telecom, all of which forces embedded computing technology providers such as Artesyn to innovate.

MaxCore FlexRAN MEC demo Intel booth MWC17Disruption means change, but the concept of ‘positive disruption’ recognizes that each change presents new opportunities.

An example of this is the momentum of the FlexRAN concept, in which the traditional RAN is disaggregated into a combination of smarter antennas, smarter edge computing nodes, and mega-scale cloud processing.

Artesyn worked with Intel to demonstrate a FlexRAN proof of concept at MWC16 using our high-performance MaxCore™ platform. At MWC17 we are demonstrating that FlexRAN is now running traffic with production-capable code, as shown in the demo assembled by Artesyn, Air-Lynx and Amarisoft, being shown in the Artesyn meeting suite (2E2MR).

In the Intel booth (3E31) the demo assembled by Intel Network Builders is running an 8-slice edge network node which includes FlexRAN with 5G radio, a connected car, drone video, and more – all using an Artesyn MaxCore platform. ASTRI is also demonstrating live traffic through FlexRAN with the Artesyn MaxCore platform. Their demo can be viewed in the Sunnada booth (5G70).

Artesyn MWC17 demos


This week Air-Lynx and Advantech announced a RAN demo in the Air-Lynx booth. This too feels like positive disruption. It feels like a swelling ecosystem around FlexRAN. It feels like validation that we aren’t the only ones working to support a change in networking to enable service providers to focus on new services for customers. Competitors become partners in driving change, in creating a best-of-breed ecosystem, in helping our customers understand positive disruption.

To see FlexRAN demos running traffic on innovative Artesyn MaxCore platforms visit the Artesyn meeting suite (2E2MR), the Intel booth (3E31), or the Sunnada booth (5G70) or email news@artesyn.com. Have a great #MWC17!


Dan Leih

Dan Leih