Linsey Miller, VP Marketing, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Millennials get a bad rap, but there is something I really do admire about them. They apply the 'Why?' filter to so many things we have come to accept, and these are things we didn’t even realize made no sense anymore because we got so used to them.

taxi vs uberI never realized how much I despise jerky, smoke-scented cab rides and the inconvenience of having to pay at the end with the cab driver rolling his eyes that I’m using a credit card until I started using Uber. Now that I have done that I see the old way of doing things (cabs) as archaic, when I never really questioned them before. Uber is a millennial way of getting around, even though its founders are a few years older than millennials.

Simply introducing technology to thoughtless processes is disruption and our society needs more of it. 

Millennials continue to be the driving force for more disruption because they see the world through a different lens. The opportunity cost of what we could otherwise be doing from all that time we got back from not doing it the old way is exciting too. And in the world of science, technology, telecommunications and computing it means more advancement and more disruption.

At Artesyn we’re focused on positive disruption. 

There is a dissonance between the traditionally negative associations of disruption and the word positive. That is deliberate. This is not disruption for the sake of it. Our disruption is about positive impact for customers: enabling new business models; delivering new services; leveraging market opportunities. 

As I prepare for Mobile World Congress 2017, I’m excited to meet with our customers driving this disruption and showing them how we can help enable more positive change. 

AR 360 DemoWhether it’s augmented reality and virtual reality with MEC multi-access edge computing for the consumer, a virtual radio access network (FlexRAN/xRAN), boosting bandwidth and serving more users at the edge, or using Facebook-inspired Carrier Grade OpenRack19 GPU processing in the cloud, we’re disrupting through our products to serve our customers, who will be the most successful through their disruption.

Working in technology is satisfying for me, and for my fellow colleagues, because we’re part of the change that lies ahead, which is disruptive and is progress through its positive change.

MWC17 Happy Hour invitationIf you're going to Barcelona for MWC17, drop me a line to meet up or for a private demo. Or click here to register for our Happy Hour event on Monday.

Linsey Miller

Linsey Miller