The MaxCore™ platform is a powerful, configurable hardware system based on PCIe cards, which needs a similarly configurable and flexible complementary software environment to run a variety of customer workloads. Fedora-based distributions have shown the stability and power that is needed to run such workloads, with CentOS as the standard open source solution.

For customers with higher performance requirements, as well as the need for a supported long-life distribution, and who do not want to spend the time and expense of having a complete team maintaining their operating system base, Red Hat Enterprise distributions have become the market leading answer. Artesyn has certified the MaxCore platform with RHEL 7 in order to enable these customers’ use of the distribution, while getting the full support and ecosystem of RHEL 7 and the company behind it.

But that’s not all.

OpenStack has likewise become the preferred platform software in the multi-access edge computing (MEC) space, where the MaxCore platform is squarely positioned. So, to support our customers even better, we have tested, validated and certified certain MaxCore platform configurations to also support Red Hat OpenStack Platform, or RHOSP. This simplifies customer installation and enables them to port their software into this rack-in-a-box-architecture.

And, customers can use Artesyn’s System Services Framework (SSF) software to configure the system from a browser.

So, now you have everything you need to get your deployment started:

  • The MaxCore platform, the industry’s most configurable rack-in-a-box based on standard PCI Express cards: configurable the way you need it!
  • RHEL certified, so you get the peace of mind that you will have a supported, reliable operating system basis for the foreseeable future!
  • RHOSP to immediately deploy your applications on a maintained, supported platform without the need to scramble to an upgrade when a new version becomes available

All you need! Want to know more?

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